Tarot meditation is a technique that can be used to learn the meanings of all the tarot cards.


A tarot spread is a method of laying out of the cards on a table according to a set number of cards and positions in a shape that determines the possible meanings of a card in their respective, particular, positions in the spread.


Meditation is a technique of focusing the mind on a particular object or breath for instance. The purpose being to free the mind from all distractions and bring it into a place of emptiness. I.e. that the mind should be free from thought itself and form thinking.





There are two types of meditation seated and standing. Both will be used with Tarot Meditation technique/s.


For Yourself

The process of reading for yourself should not be attempted with other types of tarot reading methods of reading the cards and spreads that could require a question or general reading.

To determine the question to be asked of the tarot reader in question, because the readings would be biased by the nature of the Questioner and/or reader.

How to do reading for yourself
To do a reading for yourself you do not need to read the cards, but instead to meditate on the meanings of them, according to a method of learning all the Major Arcana meanings via selecting an event from your life; preferably the card representing the present day in your life and them choosing a card at random from a pre-shuffled pack of the Major Arcana, together with any arbitrary court cards chosen to represent the people surrounding the event in question.
Then using the court cards as the subject, the event as the verb and the trump selected as the object to form a sentence about the reader whom experiences the event. This sentence is then meditated upon and can be validated by looking at it the next day, or the present day, as a proposition with a truth value of true or false; in order to determine the authenticity of the event given by the card of the day given by the Description of the Meanings of the Tarot cards, by Aleister Crowley; the trump needs to be related to the card of the day chosen, to give the reading for the day, where the subject is the past the present is the card of the day and the future is the trump found.

Four Others

Tarot reading for others should be performed using the appropriate spread/s and not using the tarot meditation spread as in a group meditation practice of meditation.

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